Tuesday, September 30, 2008

{Cuppacakeabella--TC #35}

I work in a middle school and got the brilliant idea, along with another teacher, of sponsoring a "stamping" club. The girls were awesome and we loved it and so did they :-). Problem was, we were doing it every week, stressing ourselves out trying to come up with projects and get everything prepped for them in time for the club. We'd finish one week and then before we knew it we were scrambling to come up with ideas again. We finally took a break after sponsoring for 3 quarters of the year. The girls were super disappointed and it crushed me when they'd ask "Are we having stamping club this week?" and I'd have to say no. Well, my awesome stamping compadre got promoted and is no longer at my school. So...I'm reviving the club solo. I'm going to try once a month and see how that goes. We offer a lot of other cool crafty clubs for our kids and we all kind of compete for the same students. This should work out great...when they're not stamping, they can try scrapbooking or beading or knitting! I meet with my girls next week for the 1st time this year so I figured I'd better get on trying to figure out what supplies I have on hand and what we can do because I just grab from my own stash. Luckily I've stockpiled supplies like the crafting world is going under so I've got lots to choose from...my challenge is finding enough of something to do it 35 times over, lol. Definitely have some Halloween ideas in mind but I wanted to show them how to paper piece so I got inspiration from Taylored Expressions Cupcake Challenge #35 and this is what I came up with.
PS Less than 3 weeks until my sister and I set sail for the Caribbean with the Bella herself, PTI & GinaK. We are so excited. Especially after seeing Gina's post today!!

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