Thursday, October 30, 2008

Meet the Celebrities of Stamp + Cruise...

No, NOT us, these ladies:
The super talented, Nichole Heady! So sweet! And you should have seen her husband passing out class kits. When Nichole was busy, we would ask David the measurements and he would know exactly where to score and exactly which stamp to use! What an incredible guy he is! She has the cutest family! Did I mention her projects were incredible???
Gina was so adorable and personable! She was so professional but lots of fun at the same time. AND, this lady can really wear some high heels! ;) Her husband was adorable too and was the official filmer while she was demonstrating each project. Her youngest daughter was an absolute hoot! Gina is also the technique queen and we learned a lot from her classes.

Emily is such a funny funny girl! I could see myself sippin' cocktails with her and letting it all hang out so to speak. She is so genuine and so very generous as all the ladies were! Her husband was so nice and funny too. They are really the perfect pair!
It was so fun meeting all of them! A huge thanks to you wonderful ladies. My sister and I had a great time. You should of heard us squealing when we ran back to our rooms with our goody bags and pulled out and inspected each thing! Your hard work paid off {I hope} as we all had the best time evah! (That is Emily speak for ever;)
Cruise: $800ish dollars
Passport: $100
Goody Bag/classes and projects: PRICELESS!
Thank you, thank you, thank you Emily, Gina K and Nichole!

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A Kite Flier said...

Oh my gosh girls! Hi - just stumbled on your blog and thought - I KNOW those two - did you EVER get your luggage back - even if was when you got home???

Loved the cruise so much and am still in awe of those goodie bags.

Drop me a line sometime.

Pam (and Barbara) from Chicagoland.