Saturday, November 1, 2008

{The Amazing GinaK}

I don't even know where to start with GinaK. She is just the most down-to-earth, funny, talented, fun, spirited, and GENEROUS person ever! My sister and I had really enjoyed meeting her and her family. We learned so many great techniques from Gina. I am posting one of the cards we made. The butterfly is embossed with black embossing powder......then, we actually "colored" in the butterfly with a Niji watercolor brush and bleach. Yes, you heard me, bleach. It was the coolest technique and so easy. The card is much prettier irl but hopefully you get an idea here. Gina would teach us the techniques by having her husband Tom videotape and project to a large screen. It was so helpful to be able to see what she was doing. Tom was such a good sport. One day we were eager to see something she was doing and she said "Tom, why aren't you filming me?". It was hilarious! The sentiment is stamped on velum. Hope you enjoy! I'm off to a Naval Academy football game. Enjoy your Saturday!

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cadnileb said...

Wow, so pretty! :-) Sounds like you guys learned so much!