Sunday, April 27, 2008

{Bloggers Who Inspire Me}

It was so exciting to receive the Arte y Pico award! We put a lot of thought into our blog but just haven't gotten into daily blogging due to lack of time so it was extra special to be recognized for our efforts when we still probably have only a few readers, lol. As summer draws near though I'm hoping to spend more time creating! So, I get to pick 5 bloggers who inspire. Hmmmmm?

I spend way too much time checking out other people's blogs and not enough time on my own. When I'm short on time even for that there are two blogs that I always stop by. Mostly because I love the products they use and they've gotten to blogging every day. They both happen to be PTI designers. Alli Miles & Melissa Bickford. At the blog hop over at Papertrey Ink, I found a new blogger who inspires me, Amber at the Stamping Scrapbooker. She lives in Japan! Crazy how small the blogging world is.

Now, for a few special folks...Shari Barnes inspired me to make those yummy cupcakes which won our blog the award. Check out her blog. Her cupcakes are amazing! She's a digiscrapper and that inspired me to take the Photoshop class. My last choice for the award give-back is Amy Westerman who inspired the card I'm going to post today. It was a RAK from my sister and uses stamps from Cornish Heritage Farms. There is a notebook paper backgrounder as well as the nature's silohuettes stamps. I'm not sure where she got the cool flower she added or the sentiment stamp. Amy made a card like this a few weeks ago and we loved it so my sis' case'd it. Hope that's okay Amy! So simple because it's only one layer but it's gorgeous and looks awesome irl. Anyway, hope you enjoy. We had beautiful sunny weather in the 80s yesterday in the DC area and now it's cloudy and a little rainy. Enjoy your Sunday!


Alli Miles said...

Thank you so much for my award! Your comments are very sweet.

Shari said...

Oh, thank you so much!! I LOVE baking cupcakes so this was such a sweet honor! Ü I am glad to have inspired you!